2022 / 03 / 21

【Career】Nvidia recruiting

Hello, professors:

My name is He, Song-Ting, a graduate of the Department of Electrical Engineering. I am currently working at NVIDIA. Due to the booming semiconductor growth, NVIDIA has begun to expand its campus recruitment plan.

If the fresh graduates of your lab are interested in IC design, you are welcome to have a interview with the NVIDIA physical design department.

Our entry threshold in the field of IC design is relatively low, and foreign business companies have abundant training resources. So, we welcome students in different fields or who want to change their career path to join us.

The basic threshold for our interview is that the grades in school should not be too bad, and it is best to have some achievements on topic research. If you have relevant course experience, it will be an extra bonus.

We welcome students who are interested in this opportunity to send me their resumes.  Hoping it will help them get to know more about NVIDIA and find suitable jobs. Thank you for helping.

Contact Email: Tim Ho <timh@nvidia.com>