2022 / 03 / 09

【AU Optronic】2022 Campus Pre-employment/ Research Substitute Services/ Intern Recruitment!

▋Smart field solution provider
AUO is a "Global Smart Display Leader" with 38,000 employees worldwide and operating locations in Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the United States and Europe. With profound experience in panel R&D and manufacturing, AUO combines AI and IoT trends to develop more software and hardware integration and system design fields, such as retail, medical, automotive, entertainment, manufacturing, and other multi-intelligence fields.
We invite you who are enthusiastic, innovative and with an international vision to join the team of the best employers in the world by Forbes. Subvert your imagination and challenge the salary limit!

▋Graduating students (Pre-employment/ Research Substitute Services)
[On-campus recruitment activity specials] Get an Offer before graduation
I: Participate in the AUO Pre-employment/ Research Substitute Services program. You will have the opportunity to receive a bonus of up to 200,000 NT.
II: An extra 100,000 NT early bird bonus for people who get the offer before 2022/3/31.
III: Spend 3 minutes filling out the online resume during the school recruitment time (from March to May), and you will have the chance to win the "iPad+ Apple pencil2", "Apple Watch7", "Switch Lite" (3 each) etc.

Qualifications: Graduated in 2022 for master/doctoral degree, majoring in Electronical Engineering / Electronics / Computer Science / Information Management / Photonics / Communications / Mechanical Engineering / Chemistry / Chemical Engineering / Material Engineering / Physics / Statistics / Mathematics and other Science and Engineering departments
How to apply: Submit your resume to AUO's official website:
(Search for "2022 Pre-employment and Alternative Service")
If you meet the vacancy requirements, we will contact you! Students who plan to register first and join the military service are also welcome.

▋Students still in campus (A+ summer internship)
A+ internship vacancies will be opened from March, please pay close attention to the AUO website and AUO recruitment fan page!
Qualifications: Bachelor, master, and doctoral students (or fresh graduates)
Internship period: 7/4(Mon)-8/31(Wed) 08:00-17:00
Internship benefits:
Free dormitory: no need to worry about accommodation!
Meal support: 50 NT each for lunch and dinner, reducing the burden of living!
Activities & Facilities: Free gym facilities, clubs, and company activities
How to apply: Submit your resume to AUO's official website:
(Search for "A+ Seed Internship")

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