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(十一月)Prof. Ming-Hao Liu studies on quantum transport of graphene..

Ferroelectricity displays electric ordering similar to the magnetic ordering in ferromagnetics, and is typically found in materials like perovskite structures where average centers of positive and negative charges within the unit cell are spatially separated. In view of the structural simplicity of graphene, it is difficult to imagine ferroelectricity in such carbon-based materials. Recent research led by the group of Prof. Pablo Jarillo-Herrero in MIT discovered electrically switchable ferroelectricity in Bernal-stacked bilayer graphene in the presence of moiré superlattice potential due to the aligned hexagonal boron nitride layers nearby. This exciting finding is published in Nature 588, 71–76, coauthored by Prof. Ming-Hao Liu from our department with his contribution on quantum transport simulations.
詳見 Nature (2020)