Center for Quantum Frontier of Research and Technology (Seminar)

Quantum Mechanics, Information and Black holes

Speaker : Doctor Chris Lau (Kobe University, Japan)
Time : 2022 / 10 / 12 11:30
Quantum Mechanics, Information and Black holes
Meeting Room, 2F, QFort, NCKU
Quantum information theory is a very active research field. One of the goals is to understand and invent quantum algorithms which are much more efficient than their classical counterparts. They can then be used in quantum computers to solve problems which are impossible for a classical computer. Over the past decades, quantum information theory has also found interesting applications in fundamental physics. I will explain how it can help us understand problems in blackhole physics. I will review the black hole information paradox and some interesting questions that can be asked and explored in the framework. I will set up a simple toy quantum mechanical model to analyse the paradox and explain what we can learn from it.