Physics department (Colloquium)

SrCuO2+x: novel cuprates overlooked and to discover, and the emergent states

Speaker : Jiunn-Yuan Lin Professor (NYCU, Physics)
Location :
Time : 2021 / 10 / 29 14:10
Tetragonal SrCuO2 was considered a Mott insulator with an infinite-layer structure of CuO2 planes. Only recently, more and more new issues based on this simplest-structure cuprate have emerged and surprised scientists in this field. In the present talk, I shall report two related but distinct systems my colleagues and I are currently working on. One is the emergent quasi-2D metallic state derived from the SrCuO2 Mott insulator frame via interface engineering. The other is an unknown phase of SrCuO2+x, which is probably a new superconductor.